Sneak preview: What is wisdom? (audio)

In the last post, I revealed the dirty secret about how HUGS is really about happiness. Well, turns out it’s about at least one other thing, too: wisdom. Wisdom and authentic happiness do go hand in hand. At the same time, they are different beasts like a bear and lion, deserving separate treatment.

So I present to you below Chapter 2 of the HUGS 2010 audiobook, entitled Wisdom, yo. In its 2:41min, I give you my three-part definition of wisdom and some ideas for where it comes from, what it’s good for, and where to get it. There’s also a link to download the audio in case you feel the need to listen to my sonorous voice again and again. It’s a freebie, so feel free to share it with friends:

MP3 File

Be sure to show signs of life and leave your comments, questions and thoughts below. So far, they’ve been fantastic — keep ‘em coming!


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