The Goods

best advice for college students at Harvard

The Goods

So we’re excited over here at HUGS World Headquarters because we took delivery of the audiobooks today — woohoo!  And the party’s in 2 days, so all the more reason to celebrate.

We also scored 9 copies of The How of Happiness for you, which we will endeavor to get signed by Prof Sonja Lyubomirsky ’89.  That’s right, baby — for you, we go the distance, baby.  If you want one, make sure you email me and reserve your copy.

Below is the chapter list for the audiobook:

01-How to screw up your freshman year
02-Wisdom, yo
04-It takes Guts to graduate
05-Gunners, Savvies, Slackers
06-How to pick great classes
07-The dirty truth
10-Social Life – Intro
11-Parties, Alcohol, Drugs
12-Sex & relationships in college
13-Bonus: Career Planning
14-Bonus: Stress Management
15-Secret Bonus

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