Our #1 piece of extracurricular advice (video)

HUGS is about 4.5 things: academics, extracurriculars, social life, logistics and career planning.  In our last two videos, we’ve given you our #1 tip on academics and social life.  In this video, we’re giving you the #1 tip on extracurriculars — the one thing destined to be the biggest time suck in your college career.

Don't.  Go.  Bananas.

Yes we have no bananas.

There are two very good reasons for this 3-word tip, the first of which we give in the video.  The second is that I want to make sure that you have latitude in your college life.  And by latitude I mean unscheduled time.  If you book yourself wall-to-wall with meetings, rehearsals, team practice and other stuff which is important in aggregate but not all that memorable individually, you might miss out on some really cool things that are popping up on campus all the time.  Like a chance to have dinner with Al Gore, catch a talk by Bono, go to a black-tie show opening, or see Justin Timberlake and Charlize Theron at the Hasty Pudding parade — y’know, things you’ll be telling your grandkids about when you’re a crusty old alum.

Voila the video:

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One Response to Our #1 piece of extracurricular advice (video)

  1. Macarena says:

    I love your advice!!! thank you! OFF TO AN AWESOME FRESHMAN START! YAY!

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