How to make $5000 in your first 2.5 months at Harvard

Some headlines try to get your attention with lurid references to sex.  I think money works so much better for that.  And don’t worry — we’ll have the lurid stuff later.

So a couple of years ago, I started adding a short bit on career planning at the end of HUGS, which used to be only 4 sections: Academics, Extracurriculars, Logistics, and Social Life.  I didn’t want to belabor the point, ’cause let’s face it: you just finished high school, and have before you the best four (potential) goof-off years of your life.  Let’s first figure out what kinda winter coat to take to Cambridge — your career is way, way out there in the future.

Or is it?  ‘Cause you know what?  Not too long ago, some dude whose name ended in ‘erberg’ and started with ‘markzuck’ started a company you may have heard of right from his sophomore year dorm room.  Apparently said company is now worth kersquillions.

I firmly believe that right now, just out of high school, is the most creative you will ever be in your lifetime.  It’s a kickass combination of the mature capabilities of an adult brain and the unencumbered spirit of childhood.  Also, your brain still has crazy plasticity.  Ergo, this is an especially good time for you to come up with some of the best ideas anyone has ever had — before higher education gets a chance to pound every last bit of creativity out of you and turn you into a conformist zombie automaton.

So last year I expanded the HUGS section on careers somewhat, and this year the CD has a whole 5min section on it.  Why?  To plant the seed of entrepreneurship in your head, that’s why.  And this year, I’m doing something brand-spanking new: a segment entitled How to Make $5000 in Your First 2.5 Months at Harvard.  I’m not kidding about this at all.  With about $500 of seed money, a little bit of initiative and some elbow grease, you can totally make this work.  And I will give you all the details at the HUGS party in Pacific Palisades on Aug 7.  Deal?  Deal.

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