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Michael’s Story: A Cautionary Tale

Hey guys, Today I’m going to have a big Internet overshare moment — but I’m doing it all for you.  In writing, compiling, and researching the Underground Guide, we’ve come across the three major things that can derail the otherwise … Continue reading

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Real College “Networking”: Party Games!

Let’s just face it: we’re nerds.  Math nerds, science nerds, English nerds, but nerds all thrown together for 4 years of “learning”.  And much of that learning will, in fact, happen in the classroom.  But the majority of it will … Continue reading

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Video: Our #3 Piece of college advice

Aaaaaaand here is video #2, with piece of advice #3 (ooooh, what happened to #2? So mysterious.  Stay tuned to find out!).  These are the three words to insure your social success better than Geico could.  Like it?  Love it? … Continue reading

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