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In 2004, I (Ali Binazir) created The Harvard Underground Guide to Success (HUGS for THUGS) as a sendoff party for Harvard-bound high school seniors.  There, y’all could meet one another, get an early start on forging new friendships, and benefit from the insider advice of recent graduates and current students.

I wrote up the first curriculum for HUGS and sent out bulk emails telling the students to come out of various internet cafes in Greece and Hungary as I traveled around Europe and attended the Olympics that summer. The connections were slow and the keyboards were funny, and it all worked out fine in the end.

The first HUGS happened in my parents’ living room, for lack of a better venue.  It was good times.  Since then, we’ve been doing it at Will Rogers State Park, which has more room for tossing the Frisbee.  The Harvard Club of Southern California has been sponsoring the event since its beginning.  You can thank them for the toothsome burritos.

Since the students have responded so positively to the HUGS events over the years, I decided to make it accessible to the rest of the Harvard Class of 2014 (and any other college students who’d like one) through the magic of modern technology.  You can now purchase the HUGS audiobook here.  It will be released on 7 Aug 2010.  We’re also looking into broadcasting the entire HUGS event via conference call — stay tuned.Ali Binazir at TEDxSF, Nov 2009

If you’re a Harvard student and would like to help out with HUGS and spread the word, let me know: ab (at) hugsforthugs dot net.  If you’re from another college and interested in starting a similar program, give me a holler.

3 Responses to About HUGS

  1. maya says:

    What is the THUG in the title about? What does that have to do with Harvard, or any college?

    • Ali B says:

      @Maya — Stands for The Harvard Underground Guide to Success. It’s what we’ve been calling it for 6 years.

  2. Mike Green says:

    My name is Mike Green and I am the founder of a non-profit that helps inner-city youths. We would like to partner up with Hugs For Harlem. You can e-mail us at harlemneedshugs@yahoo.com thank you.

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