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The Tao of breaking up before college

I’d like to do a brief clarification of our most controversial and most proven piece of HUGS advice — namely, to end your hometown relationship before going to college (or “before you go, let go of your sig-o”). We are … Continue reading

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How to be a douchebag in college: 5.5 ways

Generally, I prefer to talk about what to do, as opposed to what not to do.  That said, I feel a rant coming on, so here we go. Before we start, I want you to go ahead and look up … Continue reading

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How to pick awesome courses: use the magic number

In this here HUGS (aka Enter to Grow in Wisdom) Video #6, we introduce you to the concept of the Magic Number and the real way to pick truly awesome courses.  It ain’t by reading the descriptions in the course … Continue reading

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Michael’s Story: A Cautionary Tale

Hey guys, Today I’m going to have a big Internet overshare moment — but I’m doing it all for you.  In writing, compiling, and researching the Underground Guide, we’ve come across the three major things that can derail the otherwise … Continue reading

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Highlights from the HUGS party (video)

Last Saturday, Aug 7, was the big day.  We had the seventh annual HUGS for THUGS party, and good times were had by all.  About 45 rising freshmen showed up to the picnic, in line with previous years.  Besides myself, … Continue reading

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Our #1 piece of extracurricular advice (video)

HUGS is about 4.5 things: academics, extracurriculars, social life, logistics and career planning.  In our last two videos, we’ve given you our #1 tip on academics and social life.  In this video, we’re giving you the #1 tip on extracurriculars … Continue reading

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The Goods

So we’re excited over here at HUGS World Headquarters because we took delivery of the audiobooks today — woohoo!  And the party’s in 2 days, so all the more reason to celebrate. We also scored 9 copies of The How … Continue reading

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Real College “Networking”: Party Games!

Let’s just face it: we’re nerds.  Math nerds, science nerds, English nerds, but nerds all thrown together for 4 years of “learning”.  And much of that learning will, in fact, happen in the classroom.  But the majority of it will … Continue reading

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Sneak preview: What is wisdom? (audio)

In the last post, I revealed the dirty secret about how HUGS is really about happiness. Well, turns out it’s about at least one other thing, too: wisdom. Wisdom and authentic happiness do go hand in hand. At the same … Continue reading

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