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The REAL reason I created HUGS (video)

This post is quite possibly the most important thing in your whole life, and something that no high school or college curriculum covers (but should). Read up! Continue reading

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Video: Our #3 Piece of college advice

Aaaaaaand here is video #2, with piece of advice #3 (ooooh, what happened to #2? So mysterious.  Stay tuned to find out!).  These are the three words to insure your social success better than Geico could.  Like it?  Love it? … Continue reading

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Video: Our #1 piece of college advice

Awright, so our first video is up!  This is our absolute #1 piece of advice, so make no delay and check it out right here, right now. Show signs of life by commenting below, and if you find the video … Continue reading

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What makes a person cool?

I have a confession to make: in high school, I was totally not cool. Not only was I not cool, I was completely oblivious to what cool was.  I had just come to LA from Tehran — a big, smoggy, … Continue reading

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Gunner, Savvy, Slacker: Pros and Cons

So in the last post I introduced you to the three academic breeds of Harvard student.  Now let’s delve a little deeper into the pros and cons of each: The Gunner The Gunner is hardcore.  Even as a freshman, she … Continue reading

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An academic taxonomy of Harvard students: the three breeds

During my time in Cambridge (MA not UK), I noticed three breeds of Homo harvardensis when it came to academics: the Gunner, the Savvy, and the Slacker. Gunners come to college to kick ass academically.  They’ve already got their eyes … Continue reading

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How to make $5000 in your first 2.5 months at Harvard

Some headlines try to get your attention with lurid references to sex.  I think money works so much better for that.  And don’t worry — we’ll have the lurid stuff later. So a couple of years ago, I started adding … Continue reading

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The key principle for success at Harvard (and the rest of life)

Awright troops!  Welcome to the blog.  This is where I’ll be giving you quick tips on how to kick ass at Harvard (or whichever college you’re at) while having a great time.  Some of the advice will be Harvard-specific, but … Continue reading

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So Cal Summer Sendoff Party, 7 Aug 1-5pm

The seventh annual HUGS for THUGS (The Harvard Underground Guide to Success) summer sendoff party is coming up in about a month.  Clear your calendars, cancel your trip to Antarctica and set reminders on your cell phone to get to … Continue reading

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